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About Dovecote Brewery

The name, 'Dovecote Brewery',  (Bragdy Colomendy) comes from the name of the Colomendy Estate where we are based. 


We are passionate about brewing the sort of beer we love to drink.

Our philosophy focuses on quality and purity sourcing only the finest malt ingredients available and quality whole cone hops, and using plenty of them so our ales are never boring or bland.

We believe in additive free, pure tasting beer and have decided to produce all our beers without isinglass finings, creating a range of fine ales that taste and look just as nature intended.  

All our ales are suitable for Vegetarian and Vegan diets.  

Our beers are free of 13 known allergens and are sulphite, lactose and nut free.  We are not gluten free but are working on it...


NEWSFLASH,  We've just won an OSCAR...….

Dove down under was awarded a 2 star Great Taste Award by the prestigious Guild of Fine Food, congrats to the team for all their efforts.

Where we are

Our Location
Come and visit us if you are passing but best give us a ring first on 07908957116.

Come and taste our delicious Craft Beers

Our Craft Beers
Dove Ale Craft beer brewed in Denbigh
Dove Dark craft beer brewed in Denbigh
Dove from Above craft beer brewed in Denbigh
Dove Down Under craft beer brewed in Denbigh
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